Juniors International
Nursery and Primary School

Juniors International Nursery and Primary School is a top private Christian nursery and primary school. It is the primary arm of Christ Ambassadors international College established in 1988. The school was established to cater for the educational, moral and spiritual needs of children from the age of 2 to 10 brought to our care. At JIS, we create a holistic educational child friendly environment where children feel secure and their innate potentials are catered for and developed. The school offers opportunities to enable the children acquire life-skills as well as the love for life-long learning which will equip them for the years ahead

Our Core Values

  • WE BELIEVE THAT Juniors International Nursery and Primary School is a pacesetter
  • We believe that every child is unique
  • We believe that we are the best at what we do
  • We believe that we are Transformers
  • We believe that we are Ambassadors for Christ
  • We believe that a complete education involves the collaborative effort of parents, teachers and the pupils
  • We believe that education without discipline is illiteracy therefore discipline is at the core of our operations
  • We believe that every student has the right the right to learn in a friendly, safe and secure environment
  • We believe only on the word of God- The Bible
  • We make Excellence our standard and Integrity out watch word


The school is organized into 3 sections; the Nursery section, the lower primary section and the upper primary section: (Nursery 1-3, Year 1-3, Year 4&5.). For each year group/stream, there are at least two arms. Each nursery arm has its own teacher and two class assistants while the other year groups have a teacher and a teaching assistant for each arm. The teacher (Adult)/Pupil ratio is 1:8 in the nursery section and is 1:12 in year 1-5.


The school prides herself in owning some of the finest educational and recreational facilities available. The school’s educational facilities include; a fully equipped science laboratory, a utility building that houses a 25-desktop flat screen I.C.T laboratory, a home economics laboratory and a fully equipped library, manned by a Librarian. The school has a large play area grassed with artificial turf with several play gadgets, white beach sand pitch, a trampoline and a paddling pool. Each classroom is furnished with learning charts and visual aids that not only give the classroom a lovely ambience but also makes learning easy, effective and fun.